Sunday, December 03, 2006

DAWG publishing rampage!

John Rief's paper, "Talking at Cross Purposes: Violating Higher-Order Conditions with Oppositional Arguments," became the first Schenley Park DAWG research product to be presented in public. The auspicious occasion for the roll-out was the June 2006 International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA) conference in Amsterdam. John's paper was subsequently reviewed and selected to be published in the ISSA conference proceedings, scheduled to go to print in 2007. Gordon Mitchell's paper, "Team B Intelligence Coups," appeared in Vol. 92 No. 2 of the Quarterly Journal of Speech. The Schenley Park DAWG got its first print shout-out here (see above image - note that the smart dog could not sneak past the censors and make it into the official print version). Two more DAWG papers were rolled out at the 2006 National Communication Association national convention in San Antonio, TX this past November 2006: Matt Brigham's "Switch-Sides Debate as a Cultural Technology of American Empire: On the Possibilities of Subversion" and John Rief's "Interrogating Switch-Side Debate as a Cultural Technology: The Implications of the Reflexive Turn." Who let the DAWG out? We did!

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cw said...

We should at least attempt to include the smart dog pic in all DAWG publications. Can we write it into the by-laws?